Monday, May 22, 2006

Interior view with Western (Afternoon) Light
(Later in the day with less direction penetration of light the luminescence is more moderate as the sunlight is diffused on the exposed concrete slabs)

Interior view with Eastern (Morning) light
(Here you can see the more concentrate light filtering through the clerestory window)

Detailed view with existing entrance

Wall removed to show hall interior
(Here you can see platform and the rear wall is light from the hidden clerestory in order to eliminated the need for direct fluorescent lighting during the day by exploiting the use of natural lighting creating a more divine prescence)

Main Prayer Hall Entrance
(Light would penetrate into the main Hall through the entrance and the lattice screen above)

Main Entrance into Reception which is a open-air meditation room

Miami Temple Light & Shadow Model
Basswood & Chipboard
Scale 3/16" = 1'
Spring 2006 Nikolay Nedev


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